The Catalans love Democracy

(My first post in English on this blog)

After having written several posts on this blog, I want to write it one in English. The purpose is to explain the Catalans’ situation. As you may know, the majority of the Catalans want to vote, the majority of the Catalans love Democracy. However, Spanish Government despises the Catalans day in day out. Not only the Catalans, but also our politicians, our language, and our culture. We are exhausted.

Catalan people are not crazy, our politicians are not trying to brainwash us all time as many Spaniards think. In fact, common sense is guiding us. We just ask to vote, voting in the 21st century should not be penalized. Nevertheless, Several politicians are “punished” by the Spanish “justice“. They allow citizens to vote, to express their willingness. Incredible, isn’t it?

We don’t wanna wait, it’s our moment, we know that and we will not waste this opportunity. We will vote, we will win and we will become free, a free country ruled by our rules, our democratic rules.Spain will not be our enemy, it will be (if it is possible) our ally, (I am not sure about that).

Don’t worry, we do not mind about the league Barça is going to play or in which planet we are going to live, this is “the speech of fear!”. We are more practical and we are not stupid at all. Therefore, put your mind at ease!

It is always a great opportunity to keep in mind this video.


Laura Ribó



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